What type of music do you play? Live: easy-listening arrangements of familiar favourites across a variety of genres - “Jack Johnson meets Michael Buble” probably best describes it; deejay: everything from 50s rock n’ roll to the latest chart topping dance hits. How long do you perform/deejay for? For as long as I’m needed.  Live music performances are usually four hours in duration, however this ultimately depends on the requirements of your event.  I typically perform four sets of 50 minutes, spaced with three 10-minute breaks. Why do you “double as a deejay”? While I make every effort to appeal to as broad an audience as possible, as the saying goes, “You can’t please all of the people all of the time”!  It is sometimes my experience, usually later in the evening, when the host or guests begin to request dance music.  With my set-up, it’s as easy as putting the guitar down and picking up the headphones to take the party to the next level!    What is your payment policy? A 50% EFT deposit confirms your booking, with the balance payable three working days prior to the performance.  Rest assured, I have never failed to fulfill a contract!  Do you do requests outside of your repertoire? Yes! How loud will your performance be? As loud (or soft) as you want it to be.   Will suitable recorded music be played between your live sets? Certainly! What is your policy on performing beyond the contracted finishing time?   I am happy to perform for as long as required*.  “Overtime” is charged per hour, based on your initial quote. *Excepting day-time performances after which I have an evening booking.  Do you perform outside of Johannesburg? Absolutely!  May we use your PA system for speeches, toasts and announcements? Of course! May I use your PA system to perform a song or several for my guests? With pleasure! What do you usually wear for performances?  Whatever you consider to be appropriate for your event (yes, even  a kilt!).  My usual attire these days is as pictured on my home page - colours may vary! Will you be able to meet us at the venue before the event to discuss logistics? Yes! For enquiries not addressed here, please email me: warren@warrenfield.co.za